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Should I do a “Selfie-Video?”

What video software should I use?

One of the biggest questions I get when training people about Video Marketing is, “What’s the best software to use?”

That is really a simple question to answer; Whichever one is easiest for you to use. I say you should start with the easiest because the idea is to get started NOW. If I tell you a high-end, super sophisticated software, that may take you months to learn, that not be whats good for YOU.

With that said, let’s look at a few options. But before I describe the software’s I use, let me warn you, some of the ones I use cost money. I say that jokingly, and also as a lesson. The fact of the matter is that there are a few software’s in the market that you can access for free. And by all means, if they can serve you, jump on them.

However, there are many software’s that cost money, for a reason. These are higher-end tools that will ultimately make you look like an expert without necessarily being one. In addition, these tools are extremely low cost. If you are running a business, because they are business tools, they are also business expenses. Ultimately, it pays to have the right tools.

Free Video Soft Wares

MS Movie Maker: If you are own a Windows OS computer, you may have a this software already loaded in your computer. If not, you can download this free software here. 

Although it’s a free software, it is a very effective tool for making videos. It’s a basic video editing software that allows you to take any video file (MP4) and manipulate it so you can add transitions and text onto the video. To fully understand the capabilities of this program, download it, if you don’t already have it. Then go onto and search “Movie Maker Tutorials.” Spend a few minutes everyday practicing and you will be proficient within a short period of time.

IMovie is Apple’s version of Movie Maker. However, IMovie is much more feature rich.

Screencast O’matic: This soft ware is a screen capture soft ware. That means it captures and records whatever is on your computer screen. This is ideal for recording PowerPoint presentations. You simply prepare the presentation. Put it up on your screen. And talk your way through the presentation, from beginning to end. Very simple to use. This is an excellent way to get a message across. Many top marketers use this to do training or product presentation videos.

One thing to keep in mind is to have a good microphone. The microphone on most laptops just aren’t good enough to record without having major distortions. Most marketers who use this type of soft ware, also use a headset while using it.

Screencast O’matic can be used with Windows OS, Apple, and even IPads.

LightWorks: This is considered to be, by many, the best free video editing software available. The good, is that it brings you many professional video editing features not found in other free software’s. The bad, is that because it’s so feature rich, there is a learning curve. How long? That depends on how studious you are at learning. Overall, even if you are a slow learner, it really shouldn’t be more than a few weeks before you are using it proficiently. You can download Lightworks here.

Paid Software

Here is one of my favorite softwares. I use it often because it is extremely simple to use option. It is a complete, feature rich software, that allows you to make some very professional looking videos quickly and easily. My partner, Steve Wolbach (Your Friendly Public Adjuster), has been using this software very effectively. The software is VideoMarkerFX. 

What is brilliant about this software is that within minutes, you can produce very entertaining videos, with almost zero technical skills. As I just mentioned, my partner Steve Wolbach, built a YouTube channel with over 180 videos, many with this software, within six months of starting his channel. He is now getting calls from all over the country because of his videos. Check out Steve’s YouTube channel with the link above.

If you are a beginner with video marketing, and you want to get started fast, VideomakerFX is a great option. Click here to learn more about VideoMakerFX.

How to Ranking Your Videos Quickly on YouTube

This next piece of software is a master ranker. In other words, you can get loads of free targeted traffic from your videos. This software is called Video Marketing Blaster.

Specifically designed to get you at the top of YouTube rankings, by using this software you will dominate your business category. Understand this, the reason for using videos to market your business is to get in front of the largest audience possible, as quickly as possible. This software will make that happen.  Click here to get more information about Video Marketing Blaster.

How to create truly impressive videos

Want to grab attention? That is how you make money in this increasingly loud business environment… GRAB ATTENTION! This software is designed to make extremely impressive videos that GRAB and HOLD attention. I use this software with a lot of success. This software is called Viddyoze Live Action.

What makes this an even greater value for entrepreneurs is that you can also sell these videos to local business and get PAID BIG MONEY. With this web based software, you don’t need to download anything. Simply login and start producing HOT video that are guaranteed to grab attention. Click here to get more information about Viddyoze Live Action. 

There has never been a better time to get involved in video marketing. The softwares that are available today have simplified the entire process, from creation to ranking. If you haven’t gotten started video marketing, jump in with both feet and start transforming your business marketing.

Remember, it’s your time to shine!

Mike Martinez