“It’s impossible. The human body is simply not capable of such feats.” That was what the “experts” told us in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Unfortunately, many people believed them. Until one man, Vasily Alexeev, a Soviet weightlifter, did the impossible.

Prior to 1970, it was common knowledge that the human body couldn’t lift overhead over 500 lbs. It was impossible, or so we were told. Because we heard the “experts” drilling in our heads what they believed to be true, we believed it also. We believe it to the point that no one even tried to disprove it. No one but Vasily Alexeev. Not only did Vasily Alexeev not buy into the limitations imposed by the so called experts, and lift over 500 lbs overhead, he went on to lift over 640 lbs overhead.

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, here is an even more amazing thing: Since that courageous man performed that incredible feat, thousands of other weightlifters have done the same or greater. Did the human body suddenly get stronger world-wide? Or, were the so called experts wrong from the very beginning? And, because we believe them, we limited our abilities? Think about how powerful, or even better, how dis-empowering, the expert’s beliefs made others.

“So what does this have to do with Video Marketing?”

For many of us, our inner expert is convincing us that video marketing is an impossibility for us. Or maybe, a mentor or leader, someone we see as an expert is telling us that “it simply doesn’t work.” Don’t buy into that. Don’t allow yourself to short change your abilities. You are capable of extraordinary things. All that is required is that you commit to learning. Commit to adding the skill. Mustering up the courage to simply try.

Many people say to me, “Mike, I’m afraid of looking stupid. What if I do it and freeze up. I’ll look like a fool.” So what, you’ve attempted something new and you messed up. Big deal. That is normal. Messing up is how we get good at anything. Developing mastery in anything requires first attempting. Attempting something you are not familiar with, will undoubtedly lead to errors. Smart people don’t repeat errors too often. Instead, they learn and adjust. They tweak the errors to get on the right path. That is how we learn anything.


Forget the naysayers. Forget those that tell you it’s impossible. Shut down that voice in your head that is attempting to discourage you. Push forward anyway. Don’t give in to the negativity, either of an outside source, or yourself. Attempt it. Tweak it. Get energized by a mentor who is doing what you want to do. Don’t stop until you gain the skills. That is the path to mastery. That is how you do the impossible.

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