Although YouTube is by far the largest and most popular video marketing platform, it doesn’t guarantee any views to your videos. If you want to dominate view in your specific category, there are certain things that MUST be done.

This post will help you align your view with the top things your viewers are looking for that will help to ensure your top ranking, as well as, your maximum views. Let’s take a look at this together.

  1. Compelling title: The closer your title matches with the keywords your prospective viewers are seeking information on, the better your chances your will get a click and view. Learn to be strategic in how you title your videos. The most effective strategy is to name your video after the desired outcome your viewer is seeking.
  2. Unique thumbnail: Of all the tactical steps YouTubers use for getting views, the “Unique Thumbnail” has by far the most noteworthy success. YouTubers who are succeeding at a high level are those using unique and dynamic thumbnails. The problem is that creating great looking thumbnails is time consuming for most people. Trust me, I know it all too well. Here is what I use
  3. Keyword and tags alignment: Essentially, keywords and tags are the same thing. However, YouTube creates a subtle distinction between them. Basically, the distinction is when you use a keyword in a title and description, but use a tag when uploading a video. They are basically the same. However, one is used when you are using it for the shell of the video, in other words, the outside of the video. Tags are considered an internal component of the video. The key to remember is that your video title, description and tags should all match. If you do this, you will instantly get higher rankings.

Obviously, there are other factors when ranking YouTube videos. With that said, a compelling title, a unique Thumbnail and keyword alignment are critically important in getting ranked and getting views .

Put these strategies into play and see your views and ranking skyrocket.

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