Years ago, having your own TV station, marketing your own business, and / or products, would have proven to be a costly proposition. Camera crews, production staff, editing teams, actors, unions, all stack up to be a major task to keep up with. But in today’s world, because of technology, having your own YouTube channel can be as good, and in some cases, even better than having your own TV station.

If technology has taught us anything, it’s that because of it’s rapid advancement, we are able to shorten and simplify things that required much more time, energy and know-how. These day’s even a sharp 10 year old can get famous with one quick and easy viral video.

This opens up opportunity for smart marketers to capitalize these technological breakthroughs. Forbes magazine tells us that at least 78% of online traffic is driven by video. It just makes sense to dive right into this new media if we want to expand our marketing and reach more people.

If you have a gmail email, you have a YouTube account

Many times people ask how to open a YouTube channel. The answer is surprisingly easy. If you have a gmail email, you have a YouTube account. However, if you intend to use your YouTube account for business, I highly suggest that you create a new YouTube account specific to your business. You won’t want to mix in vacation videos with your business videos. Keep it professional.

Four keys to establishing a solid YouTube business channel

Today we will address the power of having a well established YouTube channel. YouTube is leading the pack when it comes to the video revolution. So it only makes sense to use it’s platform to deliver our message.Here are four things to keep in mind when establishing your YouTube channel:

  • Pick an appropriate name: When naming you channel, pick a name that will reflect your views keyword choices as they are searching. I am a licensed and bonded Public Adjuster in NJ. I named my channel “NJ Public Adjuster.”  Why? Because I envision my customers searching Google and YouTube for “NJ Public Adjuster.” This simple strategy will get you top ranking IMMEDIATELY.
  • Design a relevant cover photo for your channel: Don’t skimp on design. Make your channel look as professional as possible. If you don’t know how to create the art work needed for your channel, invest a few bucks on getting a graphic designer. It’s not nearly as expensive as you think. But the final product and results will be well worth the expense.
  • Set up a welcome video: A welcome video is the video that greets every visitor to your channel. This is best done by design and not by default. By default, I mean that the most recent uploaded video will show on your channel home page. You can however have a video of your choice be set as your “preferred” video. I call this your welcome video. Use this video to describe your channel and start the process of getting your audience to warm up to you.
  • Focus on subscribers: The main idea with a YouTube channel is to build an audience. At every chance you get, you should be drilling the idea of subscribing to your channel. The more subscribers you get, the more valuable your channel becomes. Depending on your channel niche, other business entities may eventually be interested in purchasing the channel if it grows a large enough subscriber base.

Having a YouTube channel is a free way to position yourself to grow a very targeted audience. It’s time well spent for those that truly desire long-term success.

Dare to do. Your comments are always welcome.

Mike Martinez

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